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School Ministry Teams


Teams can go into the schools sharing the gospel, providing devotions and  encouragement to students and staff in their walks with God.

Vacation Bible School Teams


Teams can come during the summer break and assist with Vacation Bible School efforts at the mission and church locations on the island.

Bible Study


This is an opportunity for those that want to grow in their relationships with the Lord to meet and study the Word together. 

Maintenance or Construction Teams


Teams are needed for maintenance and new construction at the mission. These teams would be such a huge help to the mission as we grow.


We would love to talk with you no matter what area of ministry you are interested in! God CAN use YOU in Jamaica!

Office Support & Bible Lessons


Are you wondering where you might serve, but don't feel called to children's ministry ? Are you skilled in administrative areas? We need those that are skilled in those areas to help with the Biblle lessons and ministry offices!